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Download WOW 5021 Rar UPD

hey admin please reply i downloaded the game and extracted it and am trying to open it but it just freezes and after that it play music and its stil black and laggy screen if i clicked random on the black screen i will open something idk it makes a sound but there is audio only no video windows 7 32 bit

Download WOW 5021 rar

I downloaded both parts to the game, but when I try to open the application it gives me a notice that the application has requested Runtime that it be terminated in an unusual way. I have no idea what that means, please help.

the game was working fine when i opened it the first time and played a little bit, but then i made it full screen and it just went black and nothing happened for like half an hour, so i deleted and redownloaded and tried to open the game again hoping it would default to windowed again but it was full screen and just black again. has anyone else had this problem? is there any way i can fix this? 041b061a72

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