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The Complete Guide to Doom RPG for Java - Tips, Tricks, and Cheats

A small group of developers in Costa Rica going by the name of reverse engineered Doom RPG and got it to work on Windows. Although the port is free to download, it doesn't contain any of the original files you need to actually run the game.

Please note: If you want to make custom maps with these textures, please use the additional textures pack included on the download instead of the ones were used on the mod, since the resources used on the levels were limited. Well, back then i've noticed there was no levels close to Doom RPG's style, so i've decided to make some levels for my own.Unlike the original game, i've decided to keep a mixture between the original gameplay and the RPG one.So, i've included an option to make enemies faster, so as long as they see you, they try to attack you so you maybe there, dodging projectiles and being careful with your ammo, as levels are heavily balanced.You can complete a level with barely ammo remaining or you can find some secrets and blast those enemies.Also, can complete all 3 levels at once or choose which one you want to play.There are no deep story, just Doom PRG mayhem =PPlus, i've included Perkristian's Weapons mod for additional smoothness on the animations.I've did those levels as both for practice and my personal amusement. However I hope you all enjoy those levels.;)

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i think professor is done with this mod.. but hopefully this mod harness the essence of turnbased function in the game.. like the original java/brew Doom Rpg..but this is one of most awesome mods i ever play.. good job professor hope you made more aweaome mods in future

Maybe after you're done with this, could you maybe remake the Wolfenstein and Doom II RPGs? I don't have the programming skills necessary to create a total conversion at this point in time, and I'm not about to try getting a java emulator working properly. I just want to experience those games the way these games were meant to be played.

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Hi,First of all I'd like to apologize in advance as I'm a newbie when it comes to mobile gaming, so bear with all the stupid questions I might ask further.I've never played any mobile RPG games by id Software, be it Doom RPG, Doom II RPG or Wolfenstein RPG. I always thought they were restricted to Apple iPhone devices, but having read a little I noticed that there are also versions of those games for "mobiles" so I assume a phone running the Android system would suffice. Is that correct?Regarding the question in the topic - I browsed through "EA Mobile" store and noticed that "Doom II RPG" and "Wolfenstein RPG" are still there, but "Doom RPG" is absent. Does anyone know why? Is it still possible to obtain it legally somehow?Some more questions:1) I have "Samsung Galaxy A5", can this phone run the titles mentioned? (Doom, Doom II and Wolfenstein RPGs?)2) How do I buy those games? Do I have to do it with my mobile? Does it work like Steam where I can redownload the purchased titles indefinitely?

AFAIK, the original Doom RPG was released only for the Java MIDP platform (aka the classic pre-Android "Java games"), as well as for the Symbian OS, which was used with some of the higher end pre-Android "smartphones".Even if you find it, you'll need a "vintage" smartphone (e.g. a Sony Ericsson K750i) to use it, or an emulator for the Java MIDP environment.As for buying the olden days, you usually purchased those titles by sending an SMS to a specialized service, which then downloaded the self-contained .jar file to your phone, or found a torrent/CD with a couple thousand of Java games and tried them until you found one that didn't suck (by no means an easy feat).I have no idea if there's still any active market for this technology.

I managed to get it running on my Android tablet with a sort of java "Foundation" emulator but it was letter boxed to hell and a little awkward to control. It was also the "SNES Doom" edition that had no floor/ceiling textures.

i recall finding the first Doom RPG being downloadable from EA, of all things, using some kind of cellphone emulator to run the thing. however, it seemed to be time-restricted, as suddenly the game would stop and i couldn't play it anymore. now i wouldn't know how to play it again, but i definitely remember liking it.

Last year, a group of fan developers going under the name released a port of the original Doom RPG to PC, and now they've done the same for Doom 2 RPG, reverse engineering the original code to get the game running on modern PCs. You can find the download and installation instructions over on Doomworld, but bear in mind that you will need to source your own copy of the original game in order to get the assets this port needs to run.

Late last year, the mobile team had finished up all the planned versions of Wolfenstein RPG, but EA had suggested that in addition to the hundreds of customized versions they normally produce for all the various mobile phones, they were interested in having another team do a significant media quality improvement on it for the iPhone. While Wolf RPG is a very finely crafted product for traditional cell phones, it wasn't designed for the iPhone's interface or capabilities, so it wouldn't be an ideal project, but it should still be worth doing. When we got the first build to test, I was pleased with how the high res artwork looked, but I was appalled at how slow it ran. It felt like one of the mid range java versions, not better than the high end BREW as I expected. I started to get a sinking feeling. I searched around in the level for a view that would confirm my suspicion, and when I found a clear enough view of some angled geometry I saw the tell-tale mid-polygon affine swim in the texture as I rotated. They were using the software rasterizer on the iPhone. I patted myself on the back a bit for the fact that the combination of my updated mobile renderer, the intelligent level design / restricted movement, and the hi-res artwork made the software renderer almost visually indistinguishable from a hardware renderer, but I was very unhappy about the implementation.

I told EA that we were NOT going to ship that as the first Id Software product on the iPhone. Using the iPhone's hardware 3D acceleration was a requirement, and it should be easy -- when I did the second generation mobile renderer (written originally in java) it was layered on top of a class I named TinyGL that did the transform / clip / rasterize operations fairly close to OpenGL semantics, but in fixed point and with both horizontal and vertical rasterization options for perspective correction. The developers came back and said it would take two months and exceed their budget.

It was nice and simple to download, extract data from a commercial copy of Wolfenstein, and start playing on a PC at high resolution. Things weren't as smooth as they should be at first, but two little changes made a huge difference -- going at VBL synced update rates with one tic per cycle instead of counting milliseconds to match 70 hz game tics, and fixing a bug with premature integralization in the angle update code that caused mouse movement to be notchier than it should be. The game was still fun to play after all these years, and I began to think that it might be worthwhile to actually make a product out of Wolfenstein on the iPhone, rather than just using it as a testbed, assuming the controls worked out as fun to play. The simple episodic nature of the game would make it easy to split up into a $0.99 version with just the first episode, a more expensive version with all sixty levels, and we could release Spear of Destiny if there was additional demand. I was getting a little ahead of myself without a fun-to-play demonstration of feasibility on the iPhone, but the idea of moving the entire line of classic Id titles over -- Wolf, Doom, Quake, Quake 2, and Quake Arena, was starting to sound like a real good idea.

The big question was how "classic" should we leave the game? I have bought various incarnations of Super Mario Bros on at least four Nintendo platforms, so I think there is something to be said for the classics, but there were so many options for improvement. The walls and sprites in the game were originally all 64 x 64 x 8 bit color, and the sound effects were either 8khz / 8 bit mono or (sometimes truly awful) FM synth sounds. Changing these would be trivial from a coding standpoint. In the end, I decided to leave the game media pretty much unchanged, but tweak the game play a little bit, and build a new user framework around the core play experience. This decision was made a lot easier by the fact that we were right around the 10 meg over-the-air app download limit with the converted media. This would probably be the only Id project to ever be within hailing distance of that mark, so we should try to fit it in.

Like, I have a small Steam library, by comparison to some. I have like, 87 games or some such. Most of which I have never installed or played, but that is another discussion. Anyway, I paid for those games, and while Steam exists, I can theoretically download and install and play, any of them. I say theoretically, because at least out of the box a bunch of them are literally broken and in need of community patches to get working, but whatever. Anyways, I doubt I will be able to, in the minutes or hours before Steam shuts down, download and install every game I own. I doubt I would have the hard drive space to contain them if I tried, though I possibly might. But yeah, not going to happen, especially since every Steam user ever will be possibly doing the same thing at that time, and the servers will face the biggest stress test ever seen.

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